The driving force behind the brand “Broadbent” is Bartholomew Broadbent, the President and CEO of “Broadbent Selections”. This company works together with many wineries allover the world to sell many different wines under the label “Broadbent”. They have for example Vinho Verde from Portugal in their offering, but also Madeira Wine and of course Port Wine.

They work together with Dirk Niepoort, which is of course a guarantee for quality. Dirk uses specially selected grapes and makes the wine to the requested specifications from Broadbent. The first Vintage Port was produced in 1994. Other years were 2000, 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 – the best years of this millennium so far.

As I saw from Broadbent’s web-page, they have distributors in 4 countries… England, China, the USA and the Bahamas… Unfortunately I have never had the pleasure to taste one of their Ports… but I see from their fact-sheets that they are at the lower end of the usual alcohol-range (at 19.5%). Production is quite small – 500 cases; a total of 6000 bottles.

The grapes that are used are coming from old vines – they mention an age of 80-100 years. This of course would make the Vintage Ports very interesting.

The only other Port than Vintage Port is a Reserve Ruby with the name “Auction Reserve”.