Quinta da Devesa

The QUINTA DA DEVESA is a really a hidden gem in the world of Port Wine. Even most of the dedicated Port connoisseurs didn’t know until a few years ago that it exists. This has changed only over the last few years, when the wines of QUINTA DA DEVESA received many awards and high scores in several tastings.

Especially if you are into old Tawnies you should look out for the wines of this producer. Even I learned about this company only in 2015 when Roy Hersh made their 10 year old Port the “Best 10 Year old Tawny of the Year”. Wow… and he is right. But also their 20 year old wine is outstanding – and of course the 40 year old.

There are two casks with very old Port at this Quinta – one is – if I’m not mistaken – from 1944 and the other from 1951, I believe… However, these are really great wines and help the Tawnies with an Indication of Age to be so special.

The Quinta belongs since 1941 to the current owner’s family, it’s not so large (34 hectares), but the vineyards are well diversified, some are facing south, others west; their altitude is between 50 and 600 meters. That gives so many different micro-climates that the wine-makers have many different options to work with.

Located just north-east of Regua, halfway between Regua and Canelas. A good region to make tawnies. Noteworthy is to mention that this Quinta doesn’t produce only the “normal” tawnies from red grapes, but also old tawnies from white grapes.

Should you drive to the Douro Valley, try to stop by this place – but get an appointment first… However, should you be in Porto, then you have another possibility to taste their wines: The Lodge of Augusto’s. Yes, the bottles say “Augusto’s” – but as far as I know, they contain the wine from Quinta da Devesa. A very affordable price for really good wines.


My choices would be the 40 year old Tawny (red) – and the 30 year old White Tawny. You don’t find many producers that have so old White Ports to offer – and this one as it good as it gets. Really great wines for good prices.




Contact: Sociedade Agrícola da Quinta da Devesa, Canelas – Apartado 44, 5054-909 Peso da Régua

Phone: +351 932 848 429



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