Quinta do Vallado


Under Construction


Whoever laid the first stone back in 1716 when they started to build the Quinta do Vallado, was for sure not aware that the building would be still around 300 years later. And what can we say – it’s getting nicer and nicer, the older it gets!

While the Douro Valley is full of Quintas with long traditions, this one is really exceptional. It starts with being exactly 300 years old – I believe that this makes Quinta do Vallado one of the oldest Quintas – at least I don’t know any Quinta in the Douro that was established prior to 1716.

Furthermore was this Quinta the first Quinta that belonged to Dona Antonia, the Grand Dame of the Douro Valley. Her father Antonio Bernardo Ferreira had bought it in 1818 – and it is still in the hands of the family. For several hundreds of years the Quinta produced Port Wine for the family company FERREIRA – and then came 1986. That famous year, responsible for so much start-up-activity in the Douro Valley. From that year on it was possible to bottle and sell the own wine from the Douro Valley, without using the so-called “Entreposto”n in Vila Nova de Gaia.